Can Guinea Pigs Eat Popsicles? What Happens If They Eat?

Guinea pigs are fun to be with, cute, and quite interesting. If you love pets, a single guinea can solve boredom and add spice to your life.  Since we spend time with them, we get to love them in return.

This includes taking proper care of their hygiene and eating habits. We feed them with fresh veggies, hay, and fruits. The type of food your guinea depends on you as the owner.

In summer, we eat a lot of popsicles as this enables us to refresh our body system. As a guinea owner, you might consider giving your piggy pal some to eat.

But can guinea pigs eat popsicles?

Here’s the answer!

No, guinea pigs cannot eat popsicles because they contain lots of fats and sugar. Large amounts of fats and sugar are harmful to the guinea pig’s system. Also, because these popsicles are frozen food, they pose a threat to the guinea pig’s digestive system.

If proper care is not taken, eating popsicles might lead to tongue and mouth issues for your guineas.

Before we proceed, what are popsicles?

What are Popsicles?

Can Guinea pigs eat popsicles?

Popsicles are treats that are frozen, usually popular during the summer period. They are made up of a combination of sugar, water, fruit juice, and different aromas.

After they are mixed, they are placed as molds and frozen multiple times for the right form to develop.

Popsicles may appear like ice cream but there are variations. They are produced with silent freezing i.e., they are made into molds to freeze as they are still.

What are the Effects of Popsicles on the Guinea Pig?

If you have been feeding your guinea pig with popsicles, then you are wrong. The earlier you start preventing them from eating popsicles, the better their health. So, what are the problems your guinea will face when they eat popsicles?

1. Digestive Issues

No doubt, guinea pigs hate frozen food and popsicles are in this category. Such cold, and frozen food like popsicles lead to digestive problems as the guinea pigs have very sensitive digestive systems.

How does this happen?

Once your guinea eats popsicles, it causes them to experience shock inside their system. As a result, they stop digesting the already-swallowed food in their stomach. This in turn leads to gases, constipation, stomach upset, and flatulence.

2. No Nutrient

Unlike other treats, the popsicles do not contain any beneficial nutrients for the guinea pigs. In other words, even if your guinea goes ahead to eat them, they have nothing to offer.

Also, once they eat popsicles their stomach becomes full and heavy. As such, they can no longer eat proper food such as hay, fresh veggies, and fruits. This reduces their dietary intake of Vit C and minerals obtained from these foods.

Simply put, guineas require Vitamin C and this is gotten by daily consumption of food like hay, and green vegetables. However, if they feed on popsicles then their stomach will be full, and can barely take in more food.

3. Sugar is Unsafe for the Guineas

Guinea pigs are wary of sugars, and your piggy pal is not an exception. Lots of sugars are unsafe for your guinea pig as they may develop diabetes.

Once your guinea develops diabetes, you find out that it can no longer produce insulin. As a result, they cannot regulate their blood sugar levels.

4. Fat is Unsafe

Popsicles contain some amounts of fat and are considered harmful to your piggy pal. Popsicles contain fat as well as sugar, and they are ingested in their body as soon as they eat them. Now, these two nutrients inside the body system of your guinea are unsafe.

A combination of fat and sugar in the guineas leads to increased blood pressure. Therefore, instead of feeding your guineas with popsicles, try out other food items and treats for your guinea.

5. Eating Problems

Asides from accumulating excess sugar and fat, the guinea pigs are faced with mouth and lip problems. Once they eat these popsicles, their tongue and lips get stuck, and this may cause damage to them.

Some of these damages include injuries and sores. Unfortunately for your furry friends, this causes a lot of pain and discomfort.

In most cases, this pain and discomfort are so intense that your piggy loses her appetite for food. This lack of appetite prevents them from feeding properly, and before long they lose weight.

6. Scurvy

If your guinea continues feeding more on the popsicles, they begin to eat less hay and vegetables. This leads to a reduced Vitamin C constituent in their body system. Lack of Vit C leads to scurvy and the following issues.

  • Skin issues
  • Joint swelling
  • Weight loss


Popsicles are generally harmful to guinea pigs; therefore, they must endeavor to avoid eating them. They are high in sugar and fat which are not beneficial to your furry piggies.

Excessive fat makes them add unnecessary weight. Also, their sugar content may lead to diabetes and even death in severe situations.

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