Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak at Night? How to Stop Them Making Noise?

No doubt, guinea pigs are usually among the top choices when choosing a pet to buy. They are cute, mushy, and undeniably cute. You can’t just help but love them.

However, they seem to make a lot of noise, especially at night. If you are an early bird, then you may have trouble sleeping due to their loud noises. This makes you wonder, why do guinea pigs squeak at night?

Here’s the answer!

Guinea pigs squeak at night because they need attention. Other times, they make different noises when hungry and need food urgently. In other cases, you might find your guinea pig squeaking at night due to discomfort or pain.

Now, since guinea pigs usually make noise at night, you might be wondering if they are always noisy. This is important if you are considering getting a guinea pet or recently got one.

Are Guinea Pigs Always Noisy?

No, guinea pigs are not always noisy. They are calm and quiet and love to stay on their own. However, guinea pigs love to play a lot, which is when you find them noisy.

A study on their behavior shows that they usually get uncomfortable at night, and this is when they make the loudest noises.

If this is the case, why do guinea pigs make noise at night? Let’s discuss the primary reasons why your guinea squeals at night.

3 Reasons Why Do Guinea Pigs Make Noise at Night?

1. They are hungry

Most times, this is the most typical reason your guinea squeaks at night. They are natural herbivores and love to feed on fresh vegetables and hay. For the health and proper growth of your guinea, always ensure they have adequate food provisions.

Also, examine them to know when they get hungry. If your guinea does not eat enough, it tends to be uneasy at night and squeak until daybreak.

2. They are sick

Yes, your guinea pigs can get sick, making them restless. If you fail to notice at times, this sickness might become severe. But most importantly, they tend to make more noise when sick or in uncomfortable positions.

Always ensure your guineas are in the best condition before sleeping.

3. They need attention

Just like humans, guinea pigs love attention, and when it is lacking, they are likely to make efforts to get it, and one such thing is by squeaking o. If you share the same room with your piggy, you will likely be uneasy the whole night.

Perhaps your favorite piggy pal has been squeaking the entire night, and you wonder if it only makes squeaking sounds.

Do Guinea Pigs only Squeak and Chirp?

No, there are other sounds the guineas make to gain attention. However, they tend to squeak more often, especially when hungry or in a tight position.

Let’s look into other sounds the guinea pigs make!

Types of Sounds Guinea Pigs Make At Night


Guinea pigs make rumbling sounds that often vibrate.

Usually, this sort of sound comes from the male guineas, especially during the mating period. A male guinea makes this sound when he wants to woe a female guinea or get her attention.

During this period, if you watch your male guinea, you will discover their behavioral changes and how they woe their female counterparts. They start by wiggling their tail and gradually moving towards the female guinea.

At this point, they make rumbling sounds to get her attention. This movement is referred to as the ‘rumbling strut’.

If the female guinea is ready to mate, it responds positively by rumbling. If you own both a male and female guinea, you will likely hear these sounds even at night. However, they are usually not loud.


Your guinea makes a growling sound when it is in pain or having an emergency. It also shows they are in distress, discomfort, and afraid. If your guinea sees a strange face or object, it will likely make growling sounds.

Therefore, it is left for you to discover the cause of the good and profer immediate solution if possible. It could be they dislike their food, they need water, or they want to get out.


Guinea pigs make wheeking sounds when they are hungry. This sound usually sounds like the roofing sounds from dogs.

As a guinea owner, you may have a scheduled time you feed them. Now, over time, they get accustomed to these times, and when food does not come, they tend to wheek.

A study shows that the guineas started wheeking after they were domesticated. In other words, they don’t make this sound in the wild or jungle.


Interestingly, the purring sounds of the guineas are relatively unique to them. Although they might sound like that of the cats, they are different.

They purr when they are happy, excited, or content. This usually occurs when you rub your ears, pet them, or play with them.

Teeth Chattering

Guinea pigs make chattering sounds when they are agitated or angry. It portrays hostility towards a stranger or even a fellow guinea that is new to the cage. With this sound, they warm against invading their privacy.

How to Stop Your Guinea from Making Noise at Night?

Since guinea pigs make other noises apart from squeaking, you must find the best methods to keep them calm at night. If not, they will continue to be a nuisance to the household every night.

1. Feed them fresh vegetables

1. Feed them fresh vegetables

Fresh vegetables are suitable for your guineas’ health and should always be available.

If you feed with rotten vegetables, they may end up falling sick.

To avoid this, ensure they always have fresh vegetables so they don’t go wheeking at the doorstep.

2. Keep some water before sleeping

2. Keep some water before sleeping

Water is an indispensable part of your guineas life and should always be available.

Your guinea pigs can make noises at night when they can’t get enough water. Just before sleeping, always ensure they have enough water to last them all night.

If you own more than one guinea, you should put them in a spacious cage. A small cage only makes them feel suffocated and uncomfortable and growl at night.

3. Put opposite sex together

3. Put opposite sex together

Guinea pigs make less noise when they have a partner, especially of the opposite sex.

You might have to consider putting two guineas of the opposite sex together. This way, they make little or no noise at night.

4. Put them to sleep

4. Put them to sleep

Unlike humans, your guinea pigs don’t get to sleep often.

Once awake, they end up playing or making noises all through.

You can put your guinea to sleep by providing enough hay and vegetables for the night. Or you can drop some snacks or treats.


Guinea pigs make noise at night, especially when agitated, uncomfortable, or hungry. They also tend to squeak when they need attention.

Asides from squeaking, your guinea can make other sounds like; teeth chattering when they are angry, growling when they are in distress, and purring when they are excited.

Fortunately, you can stop your guinea from squeaking all night by giving it fresh water. Also, you can ensure that you have enough vegetables to feed on at night.

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