Can Guinea Pigs Eat Frozen Fruit? Can I Give Frozen Fruit Guinea Pigs?

If you are a new piggy owner, you might be curious as to whether it is safe for your Guinea to eat frozen fruit or not. Or you might have started feeding them fruits, and you are not sure about frozen fruit.

If you are in any of these categories, this article is for you. Here, we will answer the question ‘Can Guinea Pig Eat Frozen Fruit?’.

What is Frozen Fruit?

A frozen fruit is a fruit that was collected at the apex of its ripeness to be preserved for future use and consumption. Most times, these fruits are preserved for weeks or months.

A lot of people would rather go for frozen fruit, as you can keep them till when you are ready to consume them. However, most of these fruits lose their major nutrients like Vitamin C during preservation.

Examples of fruits that can be preserved include; berries, peaches, apples, raspberries, etc.

Therefore, it is less nutritious and healthy to eat. Since they lose some of their nutrients when preserved, are they fit for your Guinea pigs?

Can Guinea Pig Eat Frozen Fruit?

No, your Guinea pig cannot eat frozen fruit. Guinea pigs are better off with fresh and ripe fruits. Unlike fresh fruits, these frozen fruits have lost their major nutrients. Therefore, they are not healthy for your Guinea pig.

Here are reasons why you shouldn’t feed frozen fruits to your Guinea pig

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Feed Frozen Fruits to Guineas

1. Frozen fruits are hard

No doubt, fresh and ripe fruits are usually soft to the touch and to eat as well. This is because they are at the apex of their ripeness and they are ready to be eaten.

However, once they are plucked and preserved for weeks or months they begin to harden. The preservatives or the electronic device used makes them hard.

At this point, your Guinea finds it hard to bite and chew. It is therefore not healthy to allow them to go on eating them.

2. Frozen Foods are Cold

Alongside being hard, frozen fruits are also known to be quite cold to the touch. A normal fruit fit for guinea’s consumption should be of average temperature; neither hot nor cold.

However, this is an exception with frozen fruits as they appear hard and may not sit well in your Guinea’s stomach.

3. Frozen Fruits Lack Nutrients

With preservation comes the loss of needed nutrients. Most fruits such as apples and berries contain a good amount of Vitamin C. But once they are preserved for a while, they start to lose their nutrients.

Guinea pigs feed on fruits with nutritional value so if a fruit lacks nutrients then they are not safe for your piggy pal.

4. Frozen Fruits are Indigestible

Most frozen fruits lose their natural enzymes along the line. As a result, herbivores like Guinea pigs find it difficult to swallow and digest.

5. Frozen Fruit May Be Bloated

For every frozen fruit, there is a high chance that they are bloated. During preservation, the fibers are broken down and this makes it appear bloated. Bloated fruits are not healthy for your Guinea pig.


can guinea pigs eat frozen fruit?

Frozen fruits are unhealthy for your Guinea pig. Most frozen fruits lose their nutritional content which makes it unsafe for them. They also become cold, hard to bite, and can barely digest in their stomach.

Therefore, avoid feeding them with frozen fruits. Fruits are not a guinea’s food but can be given as a treat.

So, ensure they feed on only raw or fresh fruits sparingly. Too much fruit can lead to high sugar content which is unhealthy for your piggy pal.

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