Can Guinea Pigs Eat Wheat? Can Guinea Pigs Eat Wheat Bread?

As a Guinea owner, it’s natural to want to try out different food items for your Guinea. Asides from the food items these piggy pals are known for, you might be curious about how to supplement or give them a treat.

This brings us to one of the frequently asked questions, Can Guinea pigs eat wheat?

Here’s your answer!

No, Guinea pigs shouldn’t eat wheat as it is not good for their health. Feeding your Guinea with raw wheat is unhealthy as their digestive system can barely digest them well.

No doubt, you would not love to feed your Guinea pig foods they barely digest. Undigested food items can cause a variety of health problems for your Guinea.

What’s more? One of the aims of feeding your Guinea is for them to look healthy and stay alive. If they end up with undoubted food items, then they won’t have enough nutrients to keep them going.

This applies to male and female Guinea pigs of different age ranges.

Why You Should Not Feed Your Guinea Pig with Wheat or Wheat Bread?

1. They don’t digest well

Wheat contains a large amount of fiber. As you know, fiber is barely digestible most time. The total fiber content of wheat is between 9-20% and this includes soluble and insoluble content.

With this amount of fiber in the wheat you feed your Guinea pig, they are sure not to digest well. Moreover, guinea pigs’ digestive system is not structured to digest wheat.

Therefore, once your Guinea pig eats any of such food items like wheat, it ends up in its stomach undigested. This is unhealthy and might lead to health complications.

2. They can Cause Diarrhea

If proper care is not taken, your Guinea pig might develop diarrhea as a result of the undigested wheat in the stomach. Also, they are likely to show signs of gas.

At this point, you end up visiting the veterinarian. However, this visit can be avoided if you avoid feeding them with wheat.

3. They Show Signs of Fatigue

Undigested food in the guinea system makes them feel tired and heavy. As a result, they may start showing signs of fatigue.

Signs of fatigue include; laziness, inability to play or walk around, loss of interest in activities that interest them, etc. If this persists, ensure to seek advice from your veterinarian.

4. Lack of Appetite

Most times, fatigue is accompanied by loss of appetite. Here, they barely eat food and even find it hard to munch on them. This is because the undigested wheat grains in their stomach make them feel full.

At this point, they will barely make a move even with their favorite food items. For a while, you might have to battle with getting them to lose weight.

5. Mood Swings

In addition, a poor diet such as wheat can cause your Guinea to experience mood swings. They go from happy and playful to moody. They also start showing withdrawal symptoms as a result.

Final Thoughts:

Can Guinea Pig Eat Wheat? Can Guinea Pigs Eat Wheat Bread?

Guinea pigs are quite selective of food. They live to feed on hay, pellets, and free vegetables as this enhances proper growth, and development as well as digestive functions.

However, it’s not advisable to feed them with wheat as has high fiber content. Due to the fiber content, the guinea pigs find it difficult to digest wheat in their body system.

This leads to indigestion, lack of comfort, diarrhea, mood swing, and lack of appetite. To avoid this, always seek the advice of your veterinarian on the best food to give your Guinea pets. Also, let your veterinarian decide on which new food item to introduce to them.

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