Do Male Guinea Pigs Have Nipples? How Do They Look Like?

There is the possibility that while handling or taking care of your Male Guinea Pigs, you must have come across something like bumps on their stomachs, and then you start wondering whether or not guinea pigs have nipples.

Or, on the flip side, you might want to confirm the possibility of Male Guinea Pigs having Nipples.

Well, whatever the case might be, here’s an answer to clear your doubts.

If you ever thought that the bump-like feel on the belly of your guinea pigs is nipples, then your guess is as good as right.

So just like female guinea pigs, Male Guinea pigs have two nipples. These two nipples are, however, different in look and size from the nipple of the female guinea pigs.

The nipples of the female guinea pigs are more prominent than the male guinea pigs.

And while the nipple of the female Guinea pig is majorly for reproduction and feeding of their offspring, that of the male guinea pig serves no function.

The nipple of the male guinea pig can liken to that of the male human. The male human has two nipples, just like the female human.

However, it is of no necessary function like that of the male guinea pig.

Should You Be Worried if Your Male Guinea Pig Has Nipples?

There’s no reason to worry if your male guinea pig has Nipples.

You should be even more worried if you have a male guinea pig without nipples.

do male guinea pigs have nipples?

Even male human beings have nipples, so it is expected of both sexes of all mammals to have nipples.

Even though the nipples of the male guinea pig serve no purpose, it is still expected of them to have nipples and should not be a source of worry to you as a pet owner.

So, if you’ve been previously worried that your boar has a nipple, understand that it is normal for a boat to have nipples.

What Does the Nipple of a Male Guinea Pig Look Like?

The Nipple of a male guinea pig is similar to that of a female guinea pig. The only difference is that the nipple of a male guinea pig is smaller than that of a female guinea pig.

On the lower portion of their tummies, directly above the point where their rear legs are attached to their bodies, are where the nipples of the male guinea pig are located. There’s a small, circular bald area around the nipples of male guinea pigs too.

The nipples of a guinea pig can take different colors, most importantly depending on the skin color of the boar.

Is Nipple-Related Health Issues Limited to Female Guinea Pigs Alone?

Since both female and male guinea pigs have nipples, nipple-related Health issues are not limited to female guinea pigs alone.

Just like the nipples of female guinea pigs, the nipples of male guinea pigs are also prone to various health issues if not correctly taken care of.


By now, it is evident that male guinea pigs have nipples just as the female guinea pigs do, even though the male guinea pigs have no function as that of the female guinea pigs.

It is, therefore, not advisable to determine the gender of a guinea pig using its nipples.

Both sexes of guinea pigs usually have two nipples. However, it is possible to come across guinea pigs with a third nipple. This third nipple is referred to as the Vegistial third nipple.

Apart from the standard two nipples, the third nipple is usually not functional regardless of the sex of the guinea pig it is found on.

In all, male guinea pigs do have nipples, and it is not an abnormality.

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