How Often to Change Guinea Pig Bedding? How Do You Clean It?

Guinea pigs love to play and have fun. As playful as they are, Guinea pigs can be messy as well. If you own a piggy pal, you need to own up to the responsibility of cleaning them up.

Since they love to play, they end up messing up their cages and bedding. This makes you wonder, how often do I change Guinea pig bedding?

Here’s the answer!

As a Guinea owner, you need to change Guinea pig bedding every week. This way, you keep them neat and free from germs. It also helps to maintain proper hygiene and allows your piggy pals to live better lives.

Now that you know how often you should change your Guinea bedding, how should you go about it?

In this article, we will discuss the best method to change your guinea pig bedding and the consequences of not doing so.

What is Guinea Pig Bedding?

how often to replace guinea pig bedding?

Guinea pig bedding is the thick material placed at the bottom of a guinea’s cage which helps to absorb water, urine, or feces.

By absorbing the harmful moisture in feces and urine, they are saved from bacterial infection.

The major bedding options for guinea pigs are wood and paper shavings, cloth, and fleece cage liners.

As a piggy owner, you might love to shop for pine and cedar bedding because they are available and affordable.

Why Do You Need to Change Guinea Pig Bedding?

Although they may be thick, if your guinea is messy then they are likely to get dirty easily. Once your guinea urinates or drops feces carelessly, the bedding gets soiled and becomes unpleasant for them.

For this reason, always change your guinea pig bedding regularly. The standard space is 7 days as this ensures their life is in good condition at all times.

Let’s discuss in detail the benefits of changing your guinea pig bedding regularly.

1. Clean Environment

One of the best things you can do for your guinea pig is to always ensure they are healthy and that is by living in a clean environment. A clean environment helps to facilitate the growth of guineas and helps them live better lives.

However, if their cage is piled up with debris, pieces of uneaten food, and feces then they are likely not to do well. In other words, clean your piggy’s cake as if it were your room because they deserve such love and care.

2. Reduces Risk of Diseases

No doubt, sickness thrives more in dirty environments and your guineas’ dirty bedding is not an exception. By leaving food crumbs and feces to pile up, you give room for your guinea to get sick.

Although it might not have an immediate effect, not changing their beddings regularly puts them at a high risk of falling sick. In other to avoid that, always try to change your piggy’s bedding at least once a week.

3. Comfortable Environment

As we earlier mentioned, guinea pigs are a bunch of playful and lively beings. But this happens when they are comfortable and leaving their beddings unchanged gives the opposite effect.

They are not free to move around because everywhere looks soiled and this restricts how much they play. Also, the bad odor which may eventually arise is enough to keep them in a place all day long.

4. They Grow Well

If you want your guinea to grow, then you should start by keeping their bedding clean at all times.

Although food is necessary for good health and growth, changing your guinea beddings regularly helps to foster their growth and development.

Always remember that growth does not thrive in a dirty environment but in a clean and healthy condition.

Now, let’s look at the consequences of not changing your guinea bedding regularly.

Consequences of Leaving Your Guinea Pig Bedding Unchanged

1. Respiratory Infections

Guinea pigs are more prone to infection when they live in a dirty environment. If you fail to change your guinea bedding regularly, you provide an opportunity for that to occur.

Respiratory infections are contracted when they are exposed constantly to these dirty environments. Dirty bedding with faces and urine lying all over the place is u healthy for your piggy.

2. Skin Irritations

For the guineas, skin irritations don’t occur all the time, but once they stay in an unhealthy or dirty environment then it’s sure to occur. Keeping your guinea bedding unchanged for more than one week makes them contract skin infections.

Now, depending on the degree of the infection you might have to visit the veterinarian and seek immediate help.

3. They Get Dirty

Imagine not changing your guinea bedding for 2 whole weeks. There will surely be particles of food and faces littering all over the place. Also, there will be soiled places resulting from water and urine.

If this is the case with your guineas’ bedding, then there is a high chance that they will get dirty once they come in contact with these food particles and feces.

If you wouldn’t want to battle with a dirty pig, change your guinea bedding once every week.

How to Clean Guinea Pig Bedding Easily?

One of the challenges most guinea owners face is how to change a guinea bedding. If you just got a guinea, then you might find it a bit challenging to handle this aspect of their lives.

Here are tips on how to make the process easier and faster;

  • Get the right bedding
  • Construct a schedule for it and put it up on your calendar
  • Change the bedding in stages
  • Be as fast as possible


Guinea pigs get dirty when they play and have fun. As a result, you must keep their cages clean by changing their bedding regularly. Always try to change their bedding within 7 days as this allows them to live comfortably and reduces the risk of diseases.

However, if you fail to do so there are high chances of bacterial infection and urinary tract infection. To avoid this; get the right bedding, set up a schedule, and change the bedding in stages but be as fast as possible.

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