Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mealworms? What Happens If They Eat?

As a guinea owner, it is important to know what your pet loves to eat. Regularly, guinea pigs love to feed on hay, fresh veggies, and grasses. Most times, they tend to live off these items for the rest of their lives.

Apart from these foods, your piggy pal loves to take treats. From pellets, and green leaf lettuce, to carrots; guinea pigs enjoy these treats a lot as they are both delicious and healthy. But what about mealworms; can your guinea eat mealworms?

Here’s the answer!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mealworms?

Yes, your guinea pig can eat mealworms. Mealworms cannot be harmful to your piggy, so it is okay to feed your guinea with a few spoonfuls to mealworms.

However, mealworms don’t have much nutritional value. Therefore if you are looking for a healthy and nutritious treat for your guinea, you might have to consider trying another treat.

But you might be wondering;

Are Dried Mealworms Good for Guinea Pigs?

Yes, dried guinea pigs can eat mealworms but it is not considered an ideal food for them. Dried mealworms are not dangerous for your guinea, but they hold little or no nutritional value.

Therefore, before you decide to feed them with it, ensure you are well aware of its low nutritional value.

Now, it is relatively improper to feed your guinea with foods that hold no nutritional value. It is almost equal to not eating food at all. This is because when they eat these foods, they do not contribute to their growth and well-being.

Do Guinea Pigs Enjoy Eating Mealworms?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mealworms - What happens if they eat?

Guinea worms do not exactly enjoy eating mealworms. There are various treats that the guinea love to eat, and mealworms are far from the list.

Perhaps you might have attempted feeding your piggy pal with treats like fruits, and you must have noticed the way they enjoyed it.

Although your guinea might chew on mealworms when they are offered, they do not exactly like eating them. Instead of mealworms, try feeding your guinea with treats like lettuce, and fresh vegetables.

Are There Effects of Mealworms on Guinea Pigs?

No doubt, mealworms hold little or no nutritional value for your guinea pig. It is relatively rare to find guinea pigs eating them. In other words, they are not the typical food nor are they the favorite treats of guineas.

Guinea pigs are naturally herbivores. As such, they feed solely on plant and plant materials. Therefore, consistently feeding your guinea with mealworms is out of place.

Although there is no definite effect of mealworms on guineas, it can have diverse effects on their health over a long time.

Also, if you continue feeding your piggy pet with mealworms, they might get so used to them that they start to reject actual foods. Once this happens, they become over-dependent on mealworms.

Since mealworms lack nutritional value, your guinea pal is not in any way benefit from eating them.

In addition, replacing mealworms with guinea actual food is detrimental to their health. Guineas’ food provides support, strength, and energy to them and helps them carry out normal body functions.

Once they are replaced with mealworms, they will be unable to carry out these body functions. What’s more? Your guinea will start to lose weight because it has stopped eating nutritious foods.


Yes, you can feed your guinea pig with mealworms but since they hold no nutritional value it is better to void them. Also, if you care for your guinea, it is advisable to feed them with other treats they enjoy eating.

By constantly allowing them to eat mealworms, they start getting used to it. This might make them reject other food that is nutritious and good for their health. As such, they begin to lose weight and might even fall sick as a result.

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