Which Smells Worse – Rabbits or Guinea Pigs? How Bad Is the Smell?

Rabbits are quite messy; from jumping all over the place to littering the environment. As a result, they easily get dirty and start to smell. The guinea pigs are not left out. Although they may look all cute, they can be messy as well.

If you own any of these pets, you would have to deal with furs, hair, and even urine around the cage. Since rabbits smell a lot, do guinea pigs smell more than them?

If you have been curious about which animal smells more, here is an answer for you.

Do Guinea Pigs Smell More Than Rabbits?

Yes, guinea pigs smell more than rabbits. Although the two pets are easy to get messy and dirty, the guineas tend to smell more than rabbits.

The guinea pigs do not share the same habitat as the rabbits. As a result, their living conditions and circumstances influence the way they smell.

How Bad Do Guinea Pigs Smell?

Guinea pigs are quite messy, and this makes them smell. But when compared to other smaller animals, the guinea pigs do not smell as much as them.

Now, there are certain odor that is peculiar to the guineas, and if you perceive such odors then they are likely to come from them.

Usually, the guineas have an earthly scent which could also be called a damp smell. They smell this way because of their hygiene and cleaning method.

When they get dirty, they tend to clean themselves up with their mouths instead of their pawns which is popular with cats and dogs.

This type of odor is unpleasant for humans, but very normal for the guineas. It is compared to how a wet cat smells, or someone reeking of alcohol.

How to Stop Guinea Pigs from Smelling?

Most times, it is difficult to prevent your piggy from getting dirty and smelling since you don’t stay with them at all times. However, there are certain ways you can take precautions and stop your guinea from smelling too much.

1. Proper Hygiene

Proper is important not just for humans, but also for our guineas. If they are properly taken care of, chances are that they may not get to smell so much.

One way to maintain proper hygiene is to always check their cages. Always ensure their cage and feeding area are clean and properly swept. If possible, map out a cleaning routine for them, and stick to it. This way, their cages are clean at all times.

2. Dispose of old wood

Oftentimes, guineas are found around items they are drawn to. When next you visit their cage, check if there is an old log of wood that is soaked with substances, water, or urine. Now monitor your piggy and find out if they are drawn to this item.

If they are, then you have to dispose of such wood properly. If you can’t find a piece of wood, you might have to look out for other items in their cage.

It could be an old feeding container, a piece of cloth, or even rotten food which your guinea might end up playing with thereby transferring their smell to themselves.

3. Use Sprays

Your guinea might be attracted to a variety of things. As such, they are naturally drawn to that item or the smell of it. Once you find out what your guinea is attracted to, try using a spray in their direction.

A citronella spray is one such spray to use, but always ensure your guinea is attracted to it. If they are not, you might end up hurting them.


Which Smells Worse  Rabbits or Guinea Pigs?

Animals are naturally messy and love to play a lot. Your favorite rabbit or piggy pet is not an exception. If you are considering getting a piggy pet, you might be worried as to whether or not they smell and how bad they smell.

Guinea pigs smell more than rabbits, and this is due to variations in their living conditions. Although the guinea smells, they smell way lesser than other smaller rodents.

The most popular smell of a guinea is an earthly-like scent, and this is pleasant to them.

However, it is compared to the smell of a wet cat or someone who reeks of alcohol. If you intend to prevent the bad smell of the guineas, try cleaning their cages properly. By doing this, you remove dirt and other materials that can make your guinea smell.

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