Can Two Female Guinea Pigs Live Together? [Factors to Consider]

If you are thinking of getting a second pet at home, you must be wondering which sex to go for. A male Guinea pig could be a good companion for your female piggy pal, but what about an additional female Guinea?

Would they be compatible?

Relax, these are common questions Guinea owners ask and this article is here to answer all your questions. We have covered all of them in this article, read on.

Can Two Female Guinea Pigs Live Together?

Yes, two female Guinea pigs can live together as far as their environment is suitable enough to adequately accommodate them. It all boils down to compatibility.

If your two female flurry pals are nice to each other and get along quite well then there won’t have a problem living together.

Most times, the problem comes from one Guinea not accepting the other. As a result, they tend to fight and struggle all the time.

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Second Female Guinea Pig

Now, just before you jump into adopting a second female Guinea there are factors to consider.

1. Adequate Housing

1. Adequate Housing

Guinea pigs develop comfortably in spacious environments, and your female pet isn’t an exception. While getting a second female Guinea pig, ensure there is adequate spacing for them.

They should have enough space to move around, okay, and interact with each other. Also, ensure their cage is safe and devoid of harmful objects. All obstructions should be taken care of, before adopting a second pet.

No doubt, getting perfect housing could be strenuous. However, one thing is certain; let their cages be far away from your window.

Since Guinea pigs are quite active at night, your female Guineas might love to have the time of their lives just when you’re ready to call it a day.

2. Proper Grooming

2. Proper Grooming

When it comes to Guinea pigs, your veterinarian is in the best position to advise in proper grooming. Depending on the nature of your new pet, the cleaning process might not require so much.

If your Guinea is short-haired, then it may not require so much grooming. But if it is long-haired, it requires a lot of brushing and bathing.

On this note, adopting a second female Guinea would require these and more. So, if you are ready to properly groom your two Guineas then you’re good to go.

3. Healthy Diet

3. Healthy Diet

A balanced diet is proportional to a healthy Guinea lifestyle. Since Guinea pigs love eating, your guineas would love to feed on lots of hay, veggies, fruits, and vitamin C.

With the provision of these in abundance, your Guinea pigs will live healthier lives.

Also, their digestive system is further equipped to function effectively. Once enough food is lacking, then it’s not advisable to adopt a second Guinea.

4. Bedding

4. Bedding

Generally, Guinea pigs poop a lot.

Therefore, proper care should be taken concerning their bedding especially if they are up to two.

Paper bedding is a great option if you are looking for easy-to-clean and safe Bedding.

With good bedding in place, you are free to adopt a new piggy pal.

5. Supplies

5. Supplies

As much as food and bedding are important, your Guinea pigs will sure like to have some fun.

This way, they are entertained and away from dangerous or destructive activities.

For Guinea supplies, you could go for pet toys including chewable toys, fibers, and wood.

However, ensure these items are safe to touch or play with.

How to Make Female Guinea Pigs Compactible?

Here are a few ways to make your two female Guinea compatible;

  • Get them some toys
  • Let them have some treats
  • Ensure there is enough food so they don’t struggle
  • Provide enough housing space so they can feel free with each other

Are Female Guinea Pigs Territorial?

No doubt, Guinea pigs could be territorial but what about the females?

Yes, female Guinea pigs are as territorial as males. On this note, ensure their caging has enough space to adequately accommodate them. A cage size of 7.5 to 10 square feet is enough to house any two Guinea pigs.

Male Guinea pigs have bolder personalities and may prove difficult to handle. However, female pigs are calmer and more likely to accommodate another female Guinea without constant fall-outs.


Two female Guinea pigs can live comfortably together if there is proper housing, enough food, and a good supply of Guinea materials. Most importantly, study the temperament of your Guinea.

This way, it’s easier to adopt a second Guinea with the same personality. With this, getting your female piggy pals to like each other will be easier than you expect.

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