Can Two Male Guinea Pigs Live Together? [7 Interesting Tips]

Guinea pigs are social and love to walk in herds. If you own a pet guinea, you are sure to notice how friendly they are to humans.

But what about male Guinea pigs? If you are looking to adopt a second guinea, you might be worried. After all, there are stories of how male Guinea pigs fight to the death.

This makes you wonder, can two male guinea pigs live together?

Here’s your answer!

Two male Guinea pigs can live together in the same place as far as they are compatible. The nurturing and upbringing of each of the male guineas determine their compatibility. Also, their living condition contributes to a large extent in making them boar-friendly.

It’s simple; make sure the second Guinea you adopt is compatible with the first. Now how do you achieve that?

Here are 10 ways to ensure your male Guinea pigs are compatible with each other

7 Easy Ways to Make Guinea Pigs Compatible

1.  Ensure their personalities match

The first step is to make sure the personalities of the two guineas are in unison. Most pet owners care less about the feelings and personality traits of their guineas.

Therefore, they enter a pet store and decide on any Guinea that catches their fancy. As much as you love cute pets, there are other factors to consider.

While picking a Guinea, you should always ask “Will they like each other?”. Just like humans, some Guinea pigs don’t like each other. This is because their personalities vary.

As a Guinea owner, it’s up to you to watch your Guinea pig and find out whether or not it is the domineering type. If you notice a domineering trait in him, it’s easier to get a matching Guinea pet.

Most importantly, always match a dominant Guinea with a subordinate one and vice versa.

2. It’s okay to get rowdy

Rowdiness is part of the adaptive traits guinea pigs exhibit. Once you welcome a second Guinea home, they are bound to get rowdy.

Although you might want to keep them calm, it’s better to allow them to jump and play around. At this point, they are trying to get used to each other as brothers do. Yes!

In other words, it’s perfectly fine when they get into a small tussle, a shove, or a push. As you know, Guinea pigs are territorial. So it could be the dominant guinea is trying to show who the boss is.

3. Have enough of everything

Since you own two male pigs, it’s always advisable to have enough of everything. The pigs are bound to behave like twins and would love to get whatever the other gets.

Just so you know, they hardly share especially if they feel territorial. So, to avoid unnecessary fights it’s better to have all their items in pairs.

Items like:

  • Food bowls
  • Water bowls
  • Hay piles
  • Tunnels, huts, and snuggle sacks
  • Guinea beds

4. Create enough space

Guinea pigs need space. So whether you own two or three ensure they have enough space. If two pigs live in an enclosed cage, they will get uncomfortable.

Imagine packing two male Guinea pigs in a small cage with little or no air. They are sure to fight the whole day. This is because there is not enough space to stay away from each other.

Since they are territorial, the old guinea is sure to feel territorial towards the new one. This lack of trust will prompt one to go south while the other goes north.

Now when there is little or no space to get away from each other, they result to fighting.

To avoid this; go for the largest cage you can afford to ensure all-around comfort for your pets.

5. Strategic food sharing

One of the things to learn as a Guinea owner is how to be strategic with their food. Guinea pigs love to eat, after all, that’s what keeps them healthy.

Since you own two male guineas, you would want to be strategic in their food sharing so they don’t fight.

Here’s what to do:

a. Have enough food

This cannot be overemphasized. One key factor to compatibility between male Guineas is having enough food to go around. Guinea pigs love to eat large amounts of hay, vegetables, and pellets enriched with Vit-C.

Ensure all these are plentiful for the two guineas. Otherwise, they will likely start to struggle or fight for food.

b. Place food bowls at opposite ends

If you bring a New Guinea home, it’s advisable not to feed both from the same bowel. Remember, they just got to know each other and cannot be referred to as friends yet.

The first thing to do after the introduction is to place a bowl of hay or pellet at opposite ends. If you fail to separate the two bowels, the former is prone to consume the entire food.

6. Keep them busy

Every animal gets noisy and cranky once they are less busy, and your Guinea pets are not an exception. To further distract the older Guinea from the newcomer, provide entertainment for them. This distracts them from picking on each other.

Whether or not your Guinea is adorable, it’s prone to become cranky when faced with a newcomer.

No worries, these tips work all the time!

  • Obstacles: They are quite easy to create; get some random fabrics, paper rolls, or PVC pipes. Once you’re done, let your Guineas play with them.
  • Floor time: Here, you allow your Guinea pigs to play around on the floor. Depending on how friendly they are to each other, you can decide to separate them or allow them to play together.
  • Food play: Get a large pile of hay, and throw in some treats for your Guinea. Allow them to get busy finding or getting the special treat out.

7. Spray familiar scents

Guinea pigs love places that smell like them. If this is lacking, they tend to get uncomfortable and hostile.

If you adopt a new guinea, they are prone to be hostile towards the other, and if care is not taken they result to fighting. To avoid that, decorate their cages, Beddings, and any time they own which scents that smell like them.

This way, the entire cage screams home and comfort.

If you can successfully carry out these practices, you would hardly have problems with the two male guineas.

Now, there are a few signs that help you know whether or not your Guinea pigs accept each other. This is of utmost importance because it can further help you take adequate precautions when necessary.

How to Know If Your Guinea Pigs Like Each Other?

Here are ways to know:

  • Subtle squeaks
  • When they start feeding close to one another
  • Tagging along with each other
  • Playing together

On the other hand, it’s important to know when the older Guinea detests the newcomer. It’s easy to detect, here’s how!

How to Know If Your Guinea Pigs Hate Each Other?

  • Constant chattering of teeth
  • Injuries or cuts resulting from fights
  • Frequent rearing of heads; is an indication of readiness to fight
  • Isolation from both parties
  • A sudden attack on the each other

If this occurs more than once, it’s advisable to let your veterinarian know immediately.


How to Know If two male Guinea Pigs Like or hate Each Other?

Two male Guinea pigs can comfortably live together as long as they are compatible. It’s up to you to know the personality of your Guinea before adopting a new one.

This way, you can get a guinea pet with matching personalities.

To ensure your male pets are compatible; let them have enough food, spray comfortable scents in their cage, and create enough housing space for them.

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