Do Rabbits Kill Guinea Pigs? Can You Put Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Together?

Guinea pigs share similar features with rabbits; they are pets, furry and cute pets. Interestingly, they also share similar lifestyles because they love eating hay and vegetables. Sadly, these similarities do not make them compatible.

If anything, they are better kept in different stages or they will always be at loggerheads with each other. This makes you wonder, do rabbits kill guinea pigs?

Here’s a quick answer!

No, rabbits do not kill guinea pigs. They may share similar features but they are not compatible. Instead, they are capable of fighting each other at all times. If care is not taken, the rabbits might end up injuring the guinea pigs or vice versa.

Why You Should Put Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Separately?

1. They tend to fight all the time

As we earlier mentioned the similarities between your guinea and rabbit end in the features they share. They are quite incompatible because they fight all the time.

Most times, the fight gets so intense that the rabbits injure the guinea pigs or vice versa depending on which is stronger.

If going to the veterinarian isn’t part of your hobbies, then you need to keep them separately. Also, avoid allowing them to feed together or play together.

2. They have different Dietary Needs

Although both rabbits and guinea pigs enjoy hay and vegetables, there are differences in their dietary needs.

One significant difference is that while rabbits can easily make their Vit C, the guinea pigs can’t. Lack of vitamin C in the piggy’s diet is both harmful and risky.

If the guineas continue feeding on food lacking Vit C, they will end up with scurvy, and diarrhea, and might eventually have internal bleeding which leads to death.

Now, this usually occurs when both animals stay together. If you feed them together, the rabbit might end up eating the guinea pigs’ food leaving the guineas with the less nutritious food which lacks Vitamin C.

On the other hand, rabbits are not necessarily endangered when they eat guineas’ food. Although it is not a balanced diet, they can go a long time without having issues.

However, it is not considered safe. As such, always feed your guineas and rabbits with separate food which contains their dietary requirements. 

3. Disease

By staying together, rabbits and guinea pigs fight and injure themselves. Although they don’t kill each other, they might transmit diseases to themselves. For instance; Bordetella bronchiseptica occurs mildly in rabbits, it is not the same with guineas.

If your rabbit pet ends up transmitting this disease to the guinea while staying together, it is quite fatal and might even lead to the death of the affected guinea.

How to Safeguard Guineas from Rabbits?

do rabbits attack guinea pigs?

Since rabbits do not kill guinea pigs but rather injure them, let’s check the best way to prevent your piggy pal from injuries or harm.

As a guinea owner, it is possible to own a rabbit as well. This is because both pets are so lovable and fun to be with. Asides from other advantages, it makes your home merrier if both pets get along well.

However, this does not mean you have to put both pets together. If you do, they end up fighting all day long. In order to prevent this occurrence at regular intervals, it is advisable to build separate cages for your pets.

That way, they live peacefully, and you can equally care for both of them.


Although rabbits do not kill guinea pigs, they tend to injure them. This occurs when they are kept in the same cages, and fed similar meals.

In order to avoid your favorite pets from fighting all the time, it is better to keep them separate. That way, they do not have to meet at all.

Also, keeping them separate helps to ensure the rabbit and guinea eat food with the necessary dietary requirements and prevents them from inflicting each other with diseases that might be detrimental to the guinea pigs.

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