Can Guinea Pigs Eat Toilet Paper Rolls? Is it Safe?

Guinea pigs are naturally jovial and love to play a lot. They are often found playing with paper bags, shoe boxes, and even tennis balls. This keeps them busy and active.

Perhaps, you have found your piggy pal playing with toilet paper rolls and even eating them in the process. This makes you wonder whether or not it is safe for their health.

In this article, we will discuss toilet paper rolls and Guinea pigs.

Maybe you are not sure what a toilet paper roll means. If you are a New Guinea owner, you may be yet to see your Guinea pig with a toilet paper roll.

Can Guinea Pigs Have Toilet Paper Rolls?

Yes, Guinea pigs can eat paper rolls. They play with a variety of items and paper rolls are amongst them. Since they are soft, Guinea pigs find them easy to handle.

Along the line, from biting at these paper rolls they end up eating some parts of them. This is the reason why you find traces and particles of toilet rolls at the corners of their mouth.

As long as the toilet paper roll does not contain glue, it is safe. However, it is not always easy to detect which toilet paper roll contains glue. It is therefore necessary to discard any toilet paper containing glue or better still keep them far from the Guinea pigs.

Is It Safe for Guinea Pigs to Eat Toilet Paper Rolls?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for your piggy pal to eat toilet paper rolls as it does not affect their health. Toilet paper rolls are made from paper and wood, and just like paper, they don’t affect them when eaten.

However, they are produced from cellulose which is not an essential constituent in Guinea’s diet. Therefore, it is not considered a good nutrient source. If your Guinea pal ends up biting and eating a toilet paper roll while playing, there is no cause for alarm.

Can Guinea Pigs Chew Toilet Paper Rolls?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Toilet Paper Rolls?

Are you wondering whether your tiny piggy pal is strong enough to chew on toilet paper rolls? Well, the answer is yes!

Guinea pigs naturally have strong teeth with which they chew food. They love to chew on fibrous things and toilet paper rolls are not an exception.

In addition, your guinea’s teeth are always growing and as such they need to reduce their spontaneous growth. This makes them chew on items like paper and toilet paper rolls.

What’s more? Guinea pigs are quick to recognize these toilet paper rolls and pick them up to exercise their teeth.


Guinea pigs play with a lot of items. If they find a toilet paper roll in their cage, they are most likely to play with them. Along the line, they bite and chew on them.

Although toilet paper rolls are not considered food items brier do they have any nutritional value to your piggy pal, it is safe for them to bite on them. Since they love to exercise their teeth, they are prone to bite on fibrous items like toilet paper rolls.

Toilet paper rolls are made from wood and paper. As such, they don’t contain any chemical or harmful substance that may affect your Guinea pig.

However, always look out for toilet paper rolls that contain glue and keep them far away from your guinea.

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