Are Male or Female Guinea Pigs More Affectionate?

Generally, Guinea Pigs are affectionate animals. They are known for being friendly, especially if they are in a familiar environment and if they care about their owners.

This isn’t to say that some Guinea Pig owners are not often disappointed by how distant, unfriendly, withdrawn, and timid their pets can be.

Even though most guinea pigs are expected to be affectionate, there are, however, limits to how affectionate a Guinea pig can be, and sometimes, this can be determined by their gender.

So, just in case you’ve been wondering which gender of guinea pigs is more affectionate, you’d get answers here.

From normal behaviors recorded from Guinea pigs, Male Guinea pigs have been noted to be more affectionate than Female guinea pigs.

More often than not, female guinea pigs like their space and do not go out of their way to show affection as much as male guinea pigs do.

A female guinea pig would also take more time to know you and establish a connection with you (either as its owner or otherwise), whereas male guinea pigs are easier to connect with.

Boars (male guinea pigs) are usually more friendly than sows (female guinea pigs) and, as such, tend to show more affection than female guinea pigs.

How Guinea Pigs Show Affection?

So, you just got your guinea pig, or maybe you’ve had them around for a while but seek to know just how affectionate they are. Or you’re seeking to know how your pet pigs can build a connection with you through their actions.

8 ways guinea pigs show affection:

1. Nuzzling

1. Nuzzling guinea pig

Guinea pigs tend to show affection by rubbing their heads against you.

This act is called Nuzzling. To further show their level of affection, they also could nuzzle against their fellow pigs.

2. Purring

2. Purring guinea pig

Whenever Guinea pigs are comfy around you and want to show affection, they tend to make an excellent, coo-like sound which some liken to a cat’s purr.

Guinea pigs tend to behave like cats at times, and purring has to be their most cat-like behavior.

An affectionate guinea pig would occasionally purr, especially when you are around them.

3. Licking

3. Licking guinea pig

This is the most famous sign of affection that Guinea pigs show. Not just guinea pigs but pets in general.

Pets that love their owners would often lick them. This is one-way pet owners recognize their pets’ love for them.

Guinea pigs are no different; if they want to show affection, they lick their owners.

They do not just stop at licking you, their owners; they also extend this act of affection to other piggies. An affectionate guinea pig would lick or groom other piggies.

4. Kissing

4. Kissing  guinea pig

Most people mistake the act of kissing and licking as being the same. Although similar, these acts of affection differ.

Guinea pigs give kisses just the way humans do. They calmly nip with their lips over and over again.

Although similar to nibbling, you cannot entirely refer to the act as nibbling because they do not use their teeth but their lips instead.

5. Talking

5. Talking guinea pig

In the real sense of it, only humans talk, but guinea pigs also make sounds that are similar to talking.

A general feature of Guinea Pigs is that they are talkative, especially when comfortable and in a familiar environment.

Affectionate piggies occasionally make happy little noises and squeak more, especially when you hold them.

6. Popcorning

6. Popcorning guinea pig

Pets’ body language goes a long way to show how affectionate they are, and guinea pigs are also not left out.

Popcorning is a significant term in guinea pig “vocabulary.”

When a guinea pig popcorns, it suddenly leaps up from its standing position – just in the likeness of corn that’s popping – and changes direction in mid-air. Think of popcorning as the signature dance of guinea pigs.

An affectionate Guinea pig occasionally popcorns, especially if they see you, its owner.

7. Climbing

7. Climbing guinea pig

An affectionate guinea pig who doubles as a safe guinea pig would climb over you frequently to show that it is free, comfortable, and safe around you. 

8. Napping

8. Napping guinea pig

Generally, guinea pigs are known to sleep barely. And if at all they do, they sleep for less than 5 minutes.

To show affection and how comfortable they are around their owners, Guinea pigs occasionally cuddle in their laps and nap.

How to Make Guinea Pigs Affectionate?

Just in case you own a guinea pig and you’ve been wondering how to build or earn their affection, the following are helpful tips:

1. Ensuring Comfortability

Only a piggie that is well-settled and comfortable in its home can show signs of affection. The first step to helping a guinea pig develop an affectionate character is ensuring their space is comfortable so they can settle in nicely.

2. Food Bribes

Another way to make guinea pigs develop affection, especially towards you, is by bribing them with food.

Generally, pets do not only love food; they are also free and comfortable and develop affection towards anyone who feeds them often.

Therefore, to earn their affection, giving your piggy pets food bribes is needed.

What Breed of Guinea Pigs is the Most Affectionate?

So, you’re seeking to get a Guinea Pig, or you seek to know which breed is the most affectionate for a different range of reasons. Here’s an answer for you!

There are 12 main breeds of Guinea pigs, and among these 12, the Abyssinian Breed is the most affectionate of all. 

Abyssinian Breed

This breed is one of the most popular Guinea Pig Breeds – all thanks to their affection.

They are easily recognizable with their uniquely swirled fur. These breeds are also adorable and, most times, look as though they just woke from sleep.

And even more amazingly, Abyssinians have every fur color that there is. So, if you’re seeking an Abyssinian with a particular fur color, there is every tendency that you will get what you want.


By now, you must have known that the Male Guinea Pig is more affectionate than the Female Guinea pigs for apparent reasons as listed above.

A Male Guinea pig can be very outgoing and quickly comfortable around its owner and among other fellow piggies.

And as a plus, if you’re intent on an affectionate breed, you could also go for an Abyssinian.

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