Lizards are usually found in homes, offices, and even in cars. Amongst the most common lizards in this category is the house lizard. Given their small size, it’s easier to migrate to different locations and even pass through tiny openings.

A tiny lizard in the car is not particularly a welcome scene as they can be quite a nuisance. Imagine having to deal with a lizard jumping all over your car and appearing at unexpected times.

In this article, we will be discussing the best method to get a lizard out of your car for good.



A lizard can enter your car if your windows are constantly open.

This is usually the case if your home is already infested with these creatures. By simply having your car window and doors open all the time, they can easily crawl in and hide.

Also, if you keep your car near walls and other entry points then they are likely to find their way into your car. A lizard might be on the run, or probably jumping across walls. Now, if your car window is open it might mistakenly jump in without notice.

Furthermore, lizards can gain entrance into your car through small holes and openings. It could be a small crack in your window, an open boot, or even through the bonnet.

But how long exactly can lizards live in your car?

Let’s find out!


A lizard can live in your car for up to 72 hours under warm temperature conditions. This temperature condition is necessary as they tend to be more active during this period. For this reason, lizards are in the habit of basking in the sun.

In other words, if your car is relatively cold then the lizard might not survive that long.


Yes, a lizard can die in your car. This occurs for a variety of reasons;

1.    Starvation

Just like other reptiles, lizards thrive more when they are fed well. For this reason, a lizard migrated from place to place in search of food. If they are to find lots of it in your house, they make it their home.

Likewise, they can die in your car when they are not receiving enough food to keep them going. If a lizard follows an insect’s prey into your car, it catches the prey and eventually gets stuck there.

 In this case, they might be unable to find their way out. As a result, they are stuck without no food and they die before you realize it.

2.    Cold Weather Conditions

Naturally, lizards are cold-blooded animals and can only survive at certain temperatures. Temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit are considered harmful to lizards. At this point, they go into cold shock and might end up dying in your car before you find them.

3.    Fight

During the monsoon season, lizards come out in search of food. There is usually a lot of competition between the lizards on who gets the available food and who does not.

At this point, a lizard is likely to enter your car thinking there is little or no competition for food. However, when the insect infestation level increases, other lizards are prone to enter the car with them. Often, this leads to a fight and the weak amongst them die.

4.    Heavy Smash

Although they are small, lizards love to hide in dark areas where they are hardly found. If a lizard hides in one of these places in your car, it can fall into the danger of being unknowingly smashed by a heavy object.

8 Ways To Get A Lizard Out Of Your Car

1.    Roll Down the Windows

One of the first things I will do once I notice a lizard inside my car is to roll down the screen. This gives the lizard the idea that I’m letting it go.

In other words, the lizard will simply crawl out of my car on its own. By the time I come back, the lizard must be long gone.

2.    Pick It Up

Lizards can be quite repelling but if it does not irritate you much, you can pick them up and throw them away. However, you must have found out its exact location on time.

Do this simple process:

  • Wear a glove or hand covering
  • Get the lizard in a permanent spot
  • Pick it up
  • Throw it far away from your car

3.    Use A Sticky Lizard Trap

Lizard traps come as glue boards which you can easily place somewhere strategic in your car. I once suggested this method to a friend who didn’t know how to deal with lizards in his car. He placed it inside the bonnet, car boot, or under the seats.

Since lizards love to hide in these places, they might as well enter the trap without knowing. Once he set the sticky lizard trap, he let it stay in his car overnight.

However, he made sure to close all windows and doors. Once the lizard passed where he have placed the sticky trap, its legs, and body got trapped until he arrived.

4.    Shoo It Away

Just like other small animals, lizards get frightened when they feel they are in danger. If you can, try to shoo the lizard away.

The lizard can be so frightened that it leaves your car immediately. Or it might decide to run even deeper inside your car and this makes it difficult to find. However, it is worth trying and most house lizards are scared of humans.

5.    Park In the Sun

If I have enough time, I try parking my car under the sun for at least an hour. I make sure to roll down the windows and if possible, open the doors as well.

By allowing your car to bake in the sun for a few hours, the lizards are sure to disappear in no time as they hate to stay under the sun for long.

6.    Spray An Insecticide

I learned this method from my father when he had issues getting rid of lizards in his car. Simply get hold of any effective insecticide and spray it inside your car.

Just like other insects, lizards hate the smell of insecticides and they avoid them at all costs.

Once you spray it, open your doors and roll down the windows and wait for a few hours. The lizard is bound to find an escape route in no time.

7.    Use An Ultrasound Repellent

If lizard disturbance becomes persistent, using an ultrasound repellent is an effective option. These repellents produce very high-frequency sounds that are barely audible to humans.

However, tiny insects and lizards alike hear these sounds and they find it irritating. In their irritation, they are prone to move from their hiding place to another location without stress.

8.    Spray Cold Water on It

Lizards hate cold water, and can barely stand them. To get rid of a lizard in your car;

  • Get a spray bottle
  • Pour in some amount of cold water inside it
  • Spray on strategic positions where the lizard could be hiding
  • Since cold water makes them uncomfortable, they will move away from your car.


These are the steps to take to get a lizard out of your car. In this case, you would not need to kill them but instead, you apply measures that will have them running out of your car.

By simply; spraying cold water, sun-baking your car, shooting them away, etc, you might as well say goodbye to lizards and their disturbance.

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