What Animals Eat Lizards? Do Lizards Eat Other Lizards?

Lizards play an important role in the food chain because they act as predators and prey. Hundreds of species of lizards are at lower levels in the food chain. A lot of hunting animals feed on lizards in the wild. Let us discuss in detail what animals eat lizards.

Lizards are available everywhere as food for a wide variety of predators. Almost half of the lizards face severe hunting in the food chain. Various animals gladly eat lizards. Birds, snakes, fish, flesh-eating mammals, wild cats, dogs, spiders, lizards, and humans also eat them. Snakes and birds are the two most essential predators of lizards.

Also, plenty of opportunist hunters attack lizards. These are readily available on land, in water, in trees, and in semiaquatic ecosystems. Lizards are unsafe in almost all ecosystems because they face uncountable hunters. Let us explore which animals are the best hunters of lizards in different ecosystems.

What Animals Eat Lizards the Most?

Hundreds of animals eat lizards. Birds and snakes are the most common hunters of them. Let us discuss the list of animals that eat them.

  • Birds
  • Snakes
  • Flesh-eating Mammals
  • Frogs
  • Wild cats
  • Wild dogs
  • Chicken
  • Bats
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Crocodiles
  • Lizards
  • Humans
What Animals Eat Lizards the Most?

Lizards have a short life cycle. They reproduce rapidly and are present in plenty of all environments. Most of these predators are also present in these environments where they can eat them.

What Lizards Species Do Animals Eat?

Hundreds of lizard species are at low levels in the food chain. They inhabit various living places. Lizards live in trees, water, deserts, land, and semi-aquatic areas. Where they also face many hunting animals. Let’s dive deep to see what predators these lizards face in the wild.

What Animals Eat Land Lizards?

Monitor lizards are large and are available in the land, trees, and semiaquatic habitats. Some of them are venomous. So, large animals like crocodiles, leopards, pythons, hawks, and owls are perfect hunters.

Small monitors are also a snack for snakes, fish, flesh-eating mammals, cats, and dogs.

There are many kinds of land lizards as listed below:

  • House geckos
  • Tokay geckos
  • Day geckos
  • Wall lizards
  • Skinks
  • Night lizards
  • Whiptails
  • Race runners
  • Monitor lizards

Lizards face plenty of predators in all environments. All these predators make their survival almost impossible.

What Animals Eat Tree Lizards?

Tree-living lizards include colorful chameleons, flying lizards, gliding lizards, and small iguanas. These lizards live in forests on trees. Their main predators are tree snakes and birds.

Meat-eating birds nest in trees and eat them. Examples of tree snakes are tree boas, bamboo pit vipers, Asian vine snakes, green tree pythons, etc.

What Animals Eat Smaller Lizards?

Hundreds of species of smaller lizards on which plenty of remarkable predators prey. Smaller lizards are entirely helpless in front of extensive hunters. Many carnivorous mammals, birds, and snakes feed on smaller lizards.

The primary hunters for smaller lizards are elapid family snakes. These include cobras and coral snakes which entirely eat small to medium-sized lizards. Snake and giant lizards are the most common hunters of smaller skinks and geckos.

Thus, many meat-eating animals like cats, dogs foxes also eat smaller lizards. Also, some spiders and a few centipedes eat small lizards and their eggs.

What Animals Eat Rock-dwelling Lizards?

Meat-eating mammals like bats, feral cats, dogs, and hawks eat deserts or rock-dwelling lizards. Further, Cane toads, ravens, and roadrunners also prey upon them.

Some examples of rock lizards include the most remarkable and unique lizards listed below:

  • Desert horned lizards
  • Zebra-tailed lizards
  • Colorful collard lizards
  • Western banded geckos
  • Gila monsters
  • Bermuda skinks
  • Western whiptail

All these lizards face extraordinary hunting. Various excellent and unbelievable desert predators like snakes and giant lizards eat them.

What Animals Eat Lizards in Rain Forests?

Several predators also chase and eat lizards in the rainforests. These include wild dogs, wolves, hawks, snakes, raptors, foxes, and spiders. Many lizards have developed many defensive systems but still cannot survive predation.

Some examples of lizard species that live in temperate and tropical rainforests are as below.

  • Chameleons
  • Geckos
  • Race runners
  • Anoles
  • Iguanas
  • Monitors

Do Birds Eat Lizards?

Birds regularly depend on various lizards for their food. They are the most common predators. They have excellent predation capabilities. They hover over lizards. Birds’ strong vision helps them detect small movements on the land from the sky.

Also, their swift flight and strong claws help them swoop lizards at once. They grab and kill and make their survival impossible and camouflage useless.

Additionally, owls are excellent day and night hunters. They prey upon lizards at different times. With their sharp vision and auditory senses, owls grab lizards to kill and eat.

There is a long list of birds that eat lizards as below:

  • Hawks
  • Eagles
  • Owls
  • Blue jays
  • Crows
  • Sparrows
  • Great water egrets
  • Chickens
  • Black vultures
  • Ferruginous pygmy owl
  • Hood mockingbirds
  • Laughing kookaburra
  • Northern pygmy-owl
  • Pygmy falcon
  • Roadside hawk
  • Turkey vulture

Do Reptiles Eat Lizards?

Reptiles also prey on lizards. The most common reptilian predators for lizards are snakes. Crocodiles, alligators, and giant lizards also hunt and kill small to medium-sized lizards.

Larger species of snakes eat lizards. Cobras, vipers, boas, and pythons are common examples. All these snakes are successful hunters of lizards. Elapid snakes usually hunt lizards. They swoop on lizards and inject their venom. Snakes make them unconscious and swallow the whole lizard.

Furthermore, aquatic lizards face aquatic hunters in marine and freshwater sources. Wild underwater hunters like crocodiles and alligators keep lizards on their dietary menu. Most Giant lizards like iguanas, monitors, and comodo dragons also eat them.

Do Wild Cats Eat Lizards?

Wild cats also eat lizards as they get the chance. Cats are excellent hunters. They use chasing, stalking, and pouncing techniques to catch lizards.

They have sharp teeth (canines) and strong narrow arched curved claws. The claws of cats help them take lizards out of hiding places. Make their runaway impossible.

Wild cat families which eat lizards include many animals, such as:

  • Lions
  • Tigers
  • Lynxes
  • Snow Leopards
  • Domestic and Wild cats
  • Fishing cats
  • Cheetahs

All these cats eat lizards occasionally.

Do Wild Dogs Eat Lizards?

Feral dogs have no kindness or pity for lizards. They love to eat lizards in almost all environments. Wild dogs do live hunting. So, they chase, catch, kill, and eat them. The feral dog family which feeds on lizards includes the following animals.

  • Jackals
  • Wolves
  • Hyenas
  • Foxes
  • Coyotes
  • Wild and domestic dogs

All these domestic and wild dogs prey on and chew lizards.

Do Amphibians Eat Lizards?

Amphibians are omnivores that feed on plants, insects, small invertebrates, etc. Still, some flesh-eating frogs eat lizards.

Smaller ones eat insects, wasps, and spiders. While larger frog species, like bullfrogs, eat geckos, lizards, and smaller invertebrates.

They grab lizards in their claws and fingers, chewing and swallowing them completely. Some salamanders seem to eat the eggs of lizards in their habitats.

Do Fish Eat Lizards?

Some aquatic lizards make their nests on the beds of bass fish. They do this during springtime and eat eggs, embryos, and even their young ones.

Bass fish attack lizards in their defense and kill and eat them. Some other carnivore fish, like pike, sharks, and catfish, also eat lizards as they get a chance.

Do Spiders Eat Lizards?

The smaller lizard species are easy prey to spiders in the desert. Regal jumping spiders and peacock spiders are meat eaters. They eat lizards as they get a chance.

Regal jumping spiders use their poisonous fangs to inject poison into the lizards. The poison makes them unconscious, and they eat them.

Do Mammals Eat Lizards?

Plenty of meat-eating mammals prey on lizards. Some animals, like mongoose, are fierce predators of lizards. They like to eat them live by chasing them aggressively. Similarly, weasels and raccoons are aggressive hunters of lizards that prey upon them.

Some bat species also adapted to eat and chop lizards. Usually, bats catch lizards from trees, swoop them in their claws, kill and tear them in pieces and eat them. Many meat-eating mammals eat lizards.

A few are listed below:

  • Moongoose
  • Weasels
  • Raccoons
  • Rats
  • Possums
  • Wild and domestic dogs
  • Wild and domestic cats
  • Bats

Do Humans Eat Lizards?

Lizards are eaten by humans rarely worldwide. Lizard meat is consumed in some countries and regions where food is less. Most lizards are nonpoisonous. So, people eat lizards after taking proper cooking and hygiene measures.

However, lizards only provide a little meat because they are lean but have some nutrients. People eat lizards where food resources are scarce, like in remote African countries. There is less food, and competition for food is high.

Iguanas face plentiful human predation globally. In some countries like America, iguana prey is legal. Humans eat lizards in some parts of Asia, India, South and West Africa, Australia, and even North, South, and Central America.

What Animals Eat Dead Lizards?

The animals that eat dead bodies are called scavengers. They take full advantage of dead lizards by eating and decomposing them. Nothing in nature gets wasted, including carrions(dead bodies) of lizards and different animals.

Scavengers include beetles, ants, crabs, wolves, hyenas, coyotes, etc. Also, vultures, raccoons, microscopic bacteria, and viruses are natural cleaning staff. All these animals decompose the carrions of lizards. Revert nutrients to the ecosystem by recycling.


Finally, lizards are present in all environments due to their abundance and short life cycles. They are an important part of the food chain, as predators, and prey at the lower level.

Lizards face remarkable predation in all ecosystems. They face predators on land, in water, in trees, and in semiaquatic habitats. We tried to collect comprehensive and essential information about what animals eat lizards.

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