10 Animals That Eat Cactus.

Spiny, prickly cactus plants are not just found in deserts. They grow all over the world and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are about 1,500 different species of cacti, including smaller ones that grow as small bushes. They also range in color from red to green to yellowish-brown.

Cacti are well known for their ability to store water in their body tissues—even if they’re cut off from all other sources of water—and this ability has made them popular with animals that need to go long periods without water or food.

Cacti are also eaten by various animals around the world. Here, are 10 animals who eat cactus for survival!

Cactus Locations

Cacti are found in a variety of regions, including Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Lots of different animals typically eat cactus as a means to survive.

Why do animals eat cactus?

Cacti have a lot of water, and animals that live in dry climates often eat them to get water. In some cases, they’ll even eat the cactus flesh without chewing it up first. This makes sense for animals that live in deserts or other dry habitats because they can’t always access potable water.

In the case of rattle snakes, they mostly eat rodents and insects but will occasionally snack on a prickly pear cactus plant. The spiky needles don’t seem to bother them at all! And many herbivores will happily munch on cactus to get essential nutrients.

10 Animals That Eat Cactus

1. Armadillo

2. Black-tailed jackrabbit

3. Bobcat

4. Coyote

5. Desert Chuckwalla Lizard

6. Desert Dormouse Rat

7. Desert Tortoise

8. Javelina

9. Key Deer

10. Pronghorn


Cacti are plants from the family Cactaceae. These plants are native to the Americas. Cacti are plants that store water in their stems, leaves, and roots. So, when other plants in the same region run out of water, they turn to cactus for sustenance.

Cacti have a developed defense mechanism in the form of sharp needles that ward off animals that want to eat them. However, while these sharp needles may deter some animals from eating cactus, there are a few animals that have no problem with eating them at all!

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