What happens if a lizard gets too hot?

Lizards in hot climates often do a special behavior called “blinding.” They’ll open their mouth and allow the sun to shine on their tongue, warming it up.

This gives them a chance to cool off. However, when it’s too hot out, lizards will overheat and die. In order to prevent this from happening, know when it’s too hot for lizards and keep them in a shaded area.

When it’s too hot outside, lizards can get overheated. If this happens, they will die in the heat.

To prevent this from happening, shade them in a cool place or let them be in the sun with their mouth open to allow for maximum air flow when it’s not too hot out.

How to keep lizards cool during the heat

Lizards can’t tolerate hot weather very well, and if it gets too hot they’ll die. In order to keep them cool, make sure they’re in a shaded area.

If they’re not, find a way to shield them from the sun. You could also buy a lizard house that has a UV filter on the glass to keep out harmful rays.

Additionally, you can provide a bowl of water for your lizard to drink from and take care not to place them on a heating pad or leave them in direct sunlight.


Heat is likely the single most important factor in determining where lizards live. Reptiles depend on external sources of heat to regulate their body temperature, so the hotter the ambient air temperature, the more difficulty they have in maintaining a healthy body temperature.

A lizard’s normal body temperature is about 30°C (86°F). A lizard that can’t dissipate heat will eventually die.

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