Is It Good or Bad to Have Lizards In The House? Why?

Lizards are one of the most common pests found in homes. A variety of these lizards like Iguanas and Anoles are found in most homes in the US. However, the most common lizard found in homes is the common house gecko.

Usually, we see it on our walls, and round about our houses. If you live in suburban areas with a hot climate, you are likely to see more of these geckos. They love to gather round porch lights at night for food hunting.

So you might be wondering, is it good to have lizards in the house?

Here is the answer!

It is not good, and not healthy to have lizards in the house. Although they may appear harmless, they are not considered domestically appropriate as they can pose a nuisance in your home.

Imagine if you had to deal with a lot of lizards at once in your home. You are likely to find them moving around in your kitchen, bathroom, and even toilet. Asides from the uneasiness, it’s quite a big nuisance and one you would love to get rid of.

Perhaps, you have a lot of these house geckos in your home and you are wondering why they are there.

Why Are Lizards in the House?

Lizards may be in your home for below-listed reasons:

1. Insect hunting

Just like we previously mentioned, during the hot climate you find lizards gathered around lights. This is the time they get ready for food hunting. Once they see cockroaches or moths, they follow them to their destination and this might likely be your home.

Most times, they come in because there are lots of cocky moths to be hunted. On the upside, they help to reduce the number of these insects found in your home. However, the nuisances they cause are rather more inconvenient to handle.

2. Cracked walls

If you have a cracked wall, with time you will discover lizards are making their way into your house through these walls. House geckos are naturally miniature, so the littlest of gaps can be an Avenue to enter. Also, you might have to look out for cracks in walls, and windows as they are the most common ways they enter the house.

What Dangers Do Lizards Cause in The House?

Since they are not meant to be found in homes, do they pose any threat to humans?

Yes, having lizards in your home can be both uncomfortable and unhealthy for humans. A few of these lizards are venomous and are to be treated with caution.

1. Nuisance

No one loves to deal with lizards no matter how little they are. If you live in houses with cracked doors, then you are likely to experience this more. They live on your walls, inside the kitchen, in the cupboard, and even on your bed.

2. Droppings

The house geckos are fond of leaving droppings behind. They are long, brown-like droppings with a white color at the tip.

These droppings can easily stain your cloth, curtains, and other types of fabric.

Iguanas are not left out either as their droppings could be seen on decks and patios. Just like the house geckos, it is brown with a white substance around it.

3. Venomous Bites

A few species of lizards can pose a threat to humans. A good example is the Iguana. They have painful and venomous bites that make them unfit to be found in homes.

Which Lizards Are Found in Houses?

Below listed are the popular lizards found in houses.

1. Gila Monster

1.	Gila Monster

This is amongst the most venomous species of lizards and although it is rarely found in homes, their bites are painful.

They love to stay in desert regions of the Southwest where they grow and live a peaceful life.

In other words, these species are better not encountered as they pose a threat to humans.

2. House Geckos

2. House Geckos

Geckos are the commonest lizards found in most houses. If you check your rooms, you are likely to find 1 or 2 of these geckos.

They practically live in rooms, feeding on tiny insects and crumbs from leftovers.

Geckos are quite a nuisance and although their bites can barely break the skin, they are to be avoided when they are stressed.

3. Iguanas

3. Iguanas

These types of lizards enter through the door or cracked walls and hang around the building. They are better not seen in homes as they have painful bites. Their bites are capable of tearing flesh and may even leave marks on your skin.

Asides from the painful bites, most of these venomous lizards possess Salmonella. They are found in the intestines of lizards, feces, and mouth. Although they barely harm the lizards who carry them on their body, they are toxic to humans.

When bitten by lizards possessing this virus, they enter the body causing flu-like symptoms. Also, they are considered life-threatening if not properly treated.


I Hope, Here question has been answered; lizards are not healthy for any home and should therefore be eliminated at all costs. They pose a nuisance, leave brown droppings behind which can easily stain a cloth, and might bite when provoked.

Although their bites are less frequent, they are best avoided. In other to get rid of lizards for good, you have to employ some simple DIY methods.

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